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Career and family

Your family is important to us – we assume responsibility. Being able to expect help when it is needed and being prepared to help yourself when necessary – this is a basic social understanding without which our day-to-day life would be difficult. As an employer, we acknowledge our responsibility and make it our task to actively support employees in need of help. Looking after children or needy family members is an area where Agosi recognizes its duty as a family-oriented company and can and will help.

Work efficiently – in harmony with the rhythm of your life

Flexibility, particularly with regard to working hours, is a requirement in today’s working environment. It is part of our philosophy to offer employees flexible working hours schedules which take the personal situation of our employees into consideration. These schedules create the space needed to fulfill individual life plans while remaining in the working environment. We see this as a basic requirement needed to achieve a stable work-life balance.

We have also developed further possibilities to help find this balance. We support both mothers and fathers with young children, offering them flexible working hours schedules and the opportunity to attend training courses during parental leave. An annual working time account, flexible working hours and job sharing are standard in our company. In our view, good work is not about the time, but about the results.

To meet the aim of a work-life balance, both technology and organisation offer many possibilities. We constantly look at our processes and question their efficiency. There are also many other possibilities to transform working time into quality time: we make sure we use the technologies available to reduce time spent travelling or in meetings. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us about your needs as a family – once we are aware of your situation, we can work together to find a solution to help you.

We are open to all possibilities – pass it on

A cornerstone of the culture within our company is personnel management that takes family life into consideration. We support our employees in harmonizing their working life with their family life, particularly in challenging situations. It is already standard procedure at Agosi for us to discuss with employees how we can help in, for example, situations that are particularly stressful, or when employees return to work after parental leave or long illness or when they are shortly before retirement.

Everyone in the company should be aware of our commitment in this area and we would like to encourage employees at all levels to make use of this opportunity and to actively live our work-life balance philosophy. There are many new forms of information on this available in the company and we’d like to encourage everyone to give us feedback. We want to learn from you!

Leadership qualities – setting a good example

At Agosi, a good work-life balance is important at all levels: from the Directors, through all management levels in the company, we support everyone in finding the right balance between their working and their private lives.

We expect our employees in management to take this company philosophy to heart and to be seen to actively live the principle of work-life balance. This has been integrated into our Management Programme and management seminars so each and every manager is living by the same values in our shared interest.

Your commitment makes us strong – we will support your success!

Your commitment is the mainspring of our company – and your success is our success!

We help new employees to get off to a good start by offering them thorough training for their new job. All employees are offered the opportunity to attend courses throughout their working lives because life-long learning is an important part of their success.

Learning from experienced colleagues as well as targeted development programmes help make you fit and keep you fit for your position or for future positions. We support couples where both partners are pursuing a career, we promote horizontal and vertical career paths and we are committed to promoting more women to management level.