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Mirjana Helfrich
Personnel Administration
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Claudia Brandt
Personnel Administration
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Who we are

It is our employees who guarantee the success of our company. We accompany them along the way and offer them and their superiors competent advice and services tailored to their needs.

The focus of our actions is therefore on the individual.

By actively shaping all areas relevant to our personnel, we aim to make a contribution to a sustainable increase in our company’s value. We achieve this by creating a working environment that nurtures and supports a culture that is characterized by openness, innovation, respect, teamwork and commitment. We are able to increase the company’s added value by recruiting employees who are not only highly qualified and competent, but also motivated and flexible. We take care of our employees, offer them opportunities to continually further their career and encourage their loyalty to the company in the long term.

Our values:

Agosi is part of the Umicore Group. Umicore is a company of diversity with many different cultures “living” within the Group. The cultures are characterized by their various locations and by the kind of work performed. And yet each of the locations is interlinked – by means of Umicore’s common values:

The Umicore Way

The Umicore Way describes not only the vision that drives us and the values we strive for, but also the principles underlying our business dealing worldwide and our interactions with important partners. The Umicore Way is the cornerstone of the task we have set ourselves and the basic philosophy guiding us on our way to achieving our common goal of creating a company that is more successful, more valuable and highly respected.

What we offer:

We are the catalyst of your career

Of course you want to further your professional career. You have the energy to do this, the ideas, the knowledge and you have the stamina. At Agosi, you can be actively involved. You will experience how much fun work commitment can be. You will not be bored and your hard work will be rewarded. We like nothing more than to pass responsibility on to you when we see that you are ready to take it. As a rule, candidates for managerial positions, including international positions, come from among our own.

Top performance with teamwork

Motivated team players will enjoy working for us because the climate is just right for them. At Agosi, information and opinions are exchanged in an open and trusting manner. Our management style is one that encourages participation in decision-making and allows for creative, innovative thinking and dynamic action.

Good work should be rewarded

Agosi’s success is based on the company’s strategy and the commitment and dedication of its employees. It is our belief that good work should be rewarded. That is a matter of fairness and respect.

We offer our employees:

Challenging tasks within a globally active company, international colleagues, making a contribution to improving the quality of life: contact us if you would like to be a part of this. We will be happy to talk to you about your opportunities, your future at Agosi and the possibilities we can offer you.