Quality and Environment

Integrated Management System Agosi (IMSA)

Agosi operates an Integrated Management System. Based on the principles of Total Quality Management it meets all the requirements of quality management, employee welfare and environmental protection. This system benefits from Agosi’s many years of experience and in-depth theoretical and technical expertise of its employees.

The process-oriented activities of all our business areas are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001. Whether for the manufacture of precious metal products or for precious metal recycling, all procedures are precisely documented and comply with current legislation. We have a policy of continuous improvement at all levels of the company to constantly increase the efficiency of our workforce, procedures and equipment. In this way IMSA guarantees that at Allgemeine all necessary legislation is complied with, the environment is respected, and the maximum economic potential is realised. Furthermore, with IMSA we meet all the requirements for a specialist reprocessing company for the precious metal processing industries. This certification gives our customers legal security and supports them in fulfilling their due diligence obligations. Agosi takes part in the privileged certification process and provides all the waste disposal certificates needed by our German customers.

Agosi’s laboratories have also successfully completed the accreditation process according to DIN EN ISO 17025. With their competence in testing and assaying methods, Agosi has proven to comply to the international standards for the certification of base material for precious metal semi-finished products for certified and hallmarked precious metal products.

It is Agosi’s ambition to combine commercial success with social responsibility and a commitment to environmental protection. For this reason, Agosi is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and can thus ensure that its precious metals are produced in a socially correct and ethically and environmentally sound manner. The Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate of the RJC stands for sustainability and testifies that our CoC-products are manufactured responsibly and conflict-free throughout our supply chain. With this certification we are sending a further, clear signal in favour of more justice, fairness and transparency on the international precious metals markets.