Quality and Environment

Agosi’s policy for its responsibility in ethics, quality, health care, safety and the environment

Agosi has established itself successfully both on its home market in Germany and on international markets with the Agosi precious metals cycle and precious metals services. Our primary goal is to be a strong and reliable partner for our customers.

We are a traditional, yet modern company with headquarters in Pforzheim, the hub of the German jewellery and watchmaking industry. Here we combine our economic success with a sense of responsibility towards our environment, both socially and ecologically. We see it as an essential element of a sustainable corporate policy and Total Quality Management to safeguard resources, to reduce environmental pollution, to demonstrate social commitment and to promote good health by establishing high standards where work safety is concerned. In our daily dealings with customers, business partners and employees, we strive to work within a culture of values that is characterised by team spirit, commitment, trust, openness of mind, innovation and respect.

We are committed to upholding good relations with our neighbours, and our staff value us as an excellent employer. It is not least thanks to our highly motivated employees that Agosi has achieved such success and it is on the basis of their many years of experience, their in-depth knowledge and their deep commitment that we are in a position to offer our customers first-class products. We aim to provide you with a service that is at all times reliable and helpful.