Agosi creates values in Pforzheim, the Golden City

Agosi AG was originally founded as Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG, a joint stock company, by jewellery and watch manufacturers in the German city of Pforzheim, known as the “Golden City”, in 1891. Since then, the company has extended its activities from merely refining precious metals to producing a wide range of semi-finished products.

Today Agosi is one of the leading companies in Europe offering the full precious metals cycle and other precious metals services – not only products for renowned customers from the field of jewellery and watchmaking, and from the coin industry, but also products for industrial applications in electrical engineering, in automobile manufacture, in the chemical industry and in medical technology. As part of the Umicore Group, Agosi has subsidiaries in all relevant regions around the globe – without losing sight of its home market.

In our image brochure we have summarized Agosi for you: Introducing Agosi – your partner for precious metals.

We assume responsibility …

An important part of our corporate culture is the concept of sustainability and the long-term thinking it involves. Agosi employees are proud to be a part of Umicore, which held first place in the list of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world in 2013.

… For society

… For the environment and for people

… For ethically sound products

… For more fairness and transparency

The Precious Metals Cycle – from residue to raw to pure

Today, resources are more valuable than ever. As the demand for precious metals has risen, so too has their price. Nowadays, low-grade deposits, previously considered commercially unviable, are being mined – unfortunately often at the expense of the environment and the people in the areas concerned. Precious metals from secondary sources have become increasingly important as greater focus is placed on the responsibility each and every one of us carries for an intact environment. With its closed precious metals cycle, Agosi offers an environmentally sound solution for the availability of gold, silver and platinum group metals.

Scrap refining – everyone’s a winner

You, our customer. The environment. Future generations. We recover gold and silver, platinum and palladium, thereby recycling valuable raw materials. With a refining capacity of more than 2,000 tons of material containing precious metals and with more than 20,000 deliveries per year, Agosi ranks among the biggest refineries in Europe.

Our experienced team uses reliable processes with great care to recover precious metals. Each step – from homogenisation to sampling and analysis to final settlement – is perfectly coordinated. The result: precious metals in their purest form.

Fine metals – raw material and end product

At the end of the refining process, we have – aside from the base material copper – fine gold, fine silver, platinum and palladium as precious metals. At this point they are available to our customers in the form of high-quality Agosi semi-finished products, Agosi investment products or Agosi fine metals. They are each in themselves a product that can be formed into granules or bars.

As our products are used in a variety of applications, the alloys must remain constant in quality. Regardless of whether the end product made with our alloys is a flawless tube for a flute or a custom-made turned part for a chemical reactor: constant quality control and material analysis guarantee the reliability of the functional properties.

Fine metal in a tradable form

Our company is a member of the London Bullion Market Association and an accredited supplier of Good Delivery bars in fine gold (400 oz = 12.4 kg) and fine silver (1000 oz = 31.1 kg). We cast our 1000 oz silver bars using an automated casting process in order to meet the growing demand for silver as an investment product efficiently.

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