Annual Report

EU-regulation 2017/821, article 7 / par. 3
for business year 2023

Agosi’s commitment to the responsible supply of precious metals is especially focused on transparency within the supply chain and on the responsible sourcing of raw materials. As a consequence, Agosi adheres to the relevant applicable standards, as defined in the EU’s conflict minerals regulation 2017/821 and in the closely related appendix II of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance (OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas).

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Agosi is a member of the RJC

Agosi combines commercial success with social responsibility and a commitment to environmental protection. For this reason, we are a member of the RJC.

The demand for responsibly traded goods is increasing and influences a growing number of aspects in everyday life. Precious metals in jewellery and other applications are no exception. From this perspective, an environmentally correct approach, the protection of human rights and social responsibility are key factors in the entire manufacturing process.

At Agosi AG, we are fully aware of this responsibility towards our customers, employees and the environment. On this basis, Agosi offers its support as your competent partner for precious metals.

With its closed-loop concept, Agosi specializes in the refining of secondary precious metals bearing materials. Consequently, we entered the strict certification process of the RJC, resulting in Agosi being the first German precious metals refiner to be granted the RJC Certificate – a seal of quality for our products and their morally and ethically correct background.

What is the RJC ?

The Responsible Jewellery Council, London, is an international not-for-profit organisation. It aims at strengthening consumer trust in the jewellery industry and its precious metals and precious stones supply chains.

What is the purpose of the RJC ?

What is your RJC benefit ?

Simply said: responsibly produced jewellery.

For Agosi, the RJC principles are more than a mere orientation. They are fully applied according to the stringent RJC criteria, thus creating conditions that have an influence right up to the sales desk. With Agosi products and services you automatically profit from this RJC benefit.