Customer Survey 2018

Agosi has received numerous contributions to this year’s online survey, carried out by Hochschule Pforzheim. With all the evaluations, an overall result of 65 % NPS Score was achieved for 2018. Whereas this marks a decline of 7 % compared to the previous year, it also settles the 2018-result comfortably with the well-based 65 % achieved in 2016.

Agosi has again secured its firm position in the positive field of customer opinion with an NPS index well above 50 %.  Following the NPS system a result higher than “0” is interpreted as “good”, results that exceed 50 % indicate a ranking that is to be valued as “excellent”.

The score gives an indication as to what degree customers are prepared to recommend Agosi and its products and services (on a scale from 0 = “never” to 10 = “definitely”). This assessment is complemented by a definition of reasons: why would Agosi be recommended or why not. From the range of answers, two groups can be identified: supporters and critics. Their proportion in relation to the total amount of participants results in the NPS score – currently 65 % for Agosi.

With the open-mindedness and comments of our customers, both to our credit and also with well-deserved criticism, Agosi’s performance can be assessed objectively and neutrally.

Agosi is grateful for this ongoing support and its valued contributions. On this basis further areas for improvement can be identified and a corresponding package of measures can be implemented. It goes without saying, however, that your comments are welcome at any time and will be gladly received by customerservice(at)