Modern Technology for an up-to-date recycling  process

Scrap gold and silver, industrial scraps – there is a huge number of precious metals bearing materials. At Agosi, the best suited refining method is checked and determined according to the composition and condition of your materials. Metallic scraps from the jewellery production are a good example, however, even low grade types of material like coated strips, sweeps, liquids and industrial materials with platinum and palladium are worthwhile.

Agosi will find the most efficient refining process for each individual delivery of precious metals bearing residues. We would be glad to assist and advise you on the optimum way of treatment.

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Gordan Kafka,
Divisional Sales Manager Refining 
phone: +49 (0) 7231 960-388
fax: +49 (0) 7231 960-246

At Agosi, your material is in safe hands

More than 2,000 tons of material bearing precious metals from more than 20,000 deliveries per year to our company speak in our favour. With this refining capacity, Agosi ranks among the biggest refineries in Europe. When processing your orders, Agosi gives top priority to working reliably and diligently.

Systematic refining …

Each batch size is handled separately for each customer and for each material. Every step from homogenisation by melting or preparation, through sampling and analysis to accounting are carried out separately from other customers‘ orders, and are documented accordingly.

Every step within the process can be retraced. In line with our General Terms and Conditions, Agosi retains a sample of each scrap delivery after homogenization.

… for your use
Depending on your requirements, the precious metals we recover are available to you in the following ways:


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