Practical assistance

From our dialogue with jewellery designers and small-scale workshops we know that every assistance that simplifies working processes is welcome.

As a consequence, customers can concentrate on their creative strengths: the realisation of ideas and the discovery of new designs.

Agosi can lend a helping hand: Near-end semi finished products, innovative materials and refining services are closing the precious metals loop in this fascinating field of manufacturing jewellery that is both individual and characteristic for its owner.

The booklet on the right summarizes Agosi’s range of products for this purpose (available in German only).


+ Contact

Agosi - at your service

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In case your enquiry should be outside the scope of our sales offices, please feel free to contact us directly at customerservice(at) – we would be glad to assist.

+ Stock List

for your individual creativity

  • gold alloys in various colours
  • white gold alloys
  • Platinum and Palladium alloys
  • silver alloys | Bicolor
  • solders
  • tubes
  • flux and other aids
  • electroplating

We offer a comprehensive stock of ready-made products for goldsmiths and maintain a permanent stock of standard sheet and wire thicknesses, tube types and casting ingots in a variety of materials.

We also stock the matching jewellery solders as sheet, wire or strips on spools, and the corresponding fluxes.

A comprehensive selection of aids, appliances and electroforming products completes our range of semi-finished products.
We are constantly adapting our stock list to suit market demands.

Our current stock is listed in our brochure „AgosiManufaktur“ (currently in German only), which we would be pleased to send you on request.

+ Ring blanks

Variety and individuality

We stock seamless tubes in all internationally accepted alloys and can supply ring blanks quickly in a variety of shapes and sizes. Furthermore, we continue to supply ring blanks made from sheet metal in a wide range of sizes and stages of processing.

Your benefits:

  • material input and production time are reduced
  • reduction of scrap/filings
  • short-term delivery
  • in 14 und 18 ct yellow and white gold, Pt 950, Pd 950 and Ag 935
  • ring sizes 47 bis 69 mm
  • wall thickness up to max. 3.0 mm
  • width according to customer specification (max. 15 mm)
+ Semi-finished parts

ring-fassungVaried combinations

In cooperation with Domino, manufacturer of high-quality, largely cast, semi-finished parts for jewellery, Agosi offers you access to Europe‘s most comprehensive selection of settings, ring shanks and other important components for the jewellery industry. Mutually compatible and clearly presented for the goldsmith in the manual “The Handbook”.
A rich stock of matching parts with short delivery times means that the goldsmith can work more efficiently. The products are available in 14 ct./18 ct. (yellow + white) gold, in platinum and in silver (Ag 935).

Save money …
Producing standard elements yourself is not always worthwhile. Use our vast range of jewellery semi-finished products and findings, and increase the productivity of your workshop.

… and time
When high-quality and ready for use „standards“ can make life easier, why not use them. With Agosi jewellery components you can concentrate on the essential part of your work and allow yourself room for your creativitiy.

A perfect fit for your customer: compare one-to-one
“The Handbook” is a real sales agent for you. Put your jewellery items on the objects in the catalogue, and you and your customer get a first impression of the completed piece of jewellery. All photographs show objects in their actual size and in perspective. Your customers can immediately picture their new piece of jewellery.

Combine as you like
One of the greatest advantages of “The Handbook” lies in the endless number of possible combinations of the single jewellery elements. This all-in-one system is an invaluable source for ever so many new jewellery creations.

Rely on quality
To use a standard solution does not imply a loss in quality or standing. The reason is that our products are tailored to your requirements.

Check out our quality statement for this product segment, available in 14 ct./18 ct. (yellow + white) gold, and in platinum. In addition, cast components can also be supplied in silver Ag 935.

Use our delivery service
With this addition to our product range, your order for semi-finished products can be combined with your jewellery components in one shipment. Allgemeine provides the complete precious metal service – with your metal account at your disposal.

Enjoy your free-of-charge stock
“The Handbook” is a virtual storeroom, always accessible for you to order pre-manufactured jewellery components, and without any storage costs for you at that.

Neues_Domino_HandbuchYou need further information? We are looking forward to receiving your e-mail.



+ Jewellery Casting

In addition to our wide product range we can also deliver cast jewellery components in gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys. For this purpose, your wax models can be used as well as individually designed models that can be transformed into a casting mold as a first step.

Additionally, CAD-data (.stl file) can be fed into an automized system that will create a plotted model for producing unfinished castings.

+ AgosiBicolor-collection

Silver sheet (935 Ag) is the basis for this creative product. Fine gold, red gold and palladium form an additional layer that offers interesting colour combinations. There is shimmering yellow-white, fiery red-white and an elegant grey-white with an inspiring quality for endless varieties in your jewellery.
AgosiBicolor sheets are ideal for forming. For large pieces of jewellery they will allow embossing, stamping and pressing. Their colour effects can be intensified by folding, bending and milling.


+ Refining

… and what do you do with your precious metal production scraps and residues?


Typically, material for refining is metallic and can be melted. Old jewellery, dental material and filings are typical for this category. Sweeps, however, are precious metals bearing materials with organic components that can be burned in a first preparatory step for further homogenization. At Agosi, each delivery is treated individually and separately according to its composition and properties.

After homogenizing the material, analytical treatment follows in order to determine the precious metals content. Classical methods are ideally complemented by modern processes (e.g. ICP-OES instrument).

Longer intervals for collection versus higher frequency for refining of smaller quantities?

While bigger volumes of materials for refining may seem attractive to benefit from discounts, high precious metals prices are quickly changing the picture. In such a situation, accumulating valuable amounts of material is not worthwhile. On the contrary, often customers even profit from smaller quantities for refining as the precious metals contained in them can be sold at a higher market price more quickly.

for more information

+ Conflict-free precious metals

A sound base for your processing steps

Certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, London (RJC): Agosi CoC-products send yet another signal towards greater justice, more fairness and better transparency.

  • conflict-free
  • responsibly produced

CoC-conform products with CoC Transfer Document:

  • semi-finished products
  • fine gold (granules)



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