A sound base for your processing steps

As a certified member of the RJC, Agosi has gone one fundamental step further – the Chain of Custody (CoC) Certificate of the RJC for Agosi CoC products. This fundamental step has proven to be a further milestone for us. Agosi is the first German precious metals supplier to have been granted the CoC Certificate for a conflict-free supply chain of fine gold resulting in CoC-products for the precious metals consuming industries. Agosi can ensure the certified origin of its recycled CoC fine gold from ethically responsible sources. This is documented in corresponding paperwork – a CoC Transfer Document accompanies each delivery of CoC-conform products to Agosi’s customers. In the meantime, this has also been achieved for recycled silver, platinum and palladium.

Your contact person:
CoC / LBMA Compliance Manager
Karl-Heinz Flach
Director TQM & Services
phone: +49 (0) 7231 960-294
fax: +49 (0) 7231 960-364

or directly and anonymously at Umicore

International standards

In fact, this claim is becoming increasingly important for the entire precious metals businesses as for the electrotechnical, IT- and investment industries. The customer demands information on the origin and processing of the material. The Agosi CoC Certificate also complies to the standards of other international organizations: