You are invited to report concerns or complaints about Agosi’s business conduct via a whistleblower form. This form is for reporting concerns about possible improprieties in financial, ethical or behavioural matters that violate our Code of Conduct.

All hints may be submitted anonymously, if appropriate, and will be treated confidentially in this case. Reports are only shared internally with employees on a “need to know” basis. This ensures that we maintain the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity and any third parties mentioned, and prevents unauthorized employees from accessing the report.

Why report an incident to Agosi?

Agosi strives to be a reliable company now and in the future, and expects all employees and managers to maintain high standards in accordance with the Code of Conduct or the “Umicore Way”.

Notwithstanding this, Agosi, like all companies, is exposed to the risk that something may go wrong or that our company may unknowingly be confronted with illegal or unethical behaviour. In a culture of openness and accountability, it is essential that regulations are also made for the occurrence of such situations so that action can be taken should they arise.


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